We are Benny & Veronica Gettinger, and we are Gettinger Photography.

Photography is more than our job - it's our passion.

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Anyone who owns a camera - or heck, even a phone - can take pictures. 

But that's not what we are all about - and that is not the experience you'll have as a customer of ours. We have a heart for creating a photography experience that allows us to capture the FEELING (of your family, life phase, home, job site, product or service) to create both special memories and special photos. The core of our company, and who we are as artists, is a focus on the concept of providing photography art with a unique flair paired with superior customer service for an experience that exceeds expectations. "Above and Beyond" is just par for the course. 

Benny and I have both been professional photographers for 15+ years. Shortly after we joined in our marriage partnership, we decided to begin a professional partnership as well, and Gettinger Photography was born. We have taken professional photos in over 7 countries with countless publications in books, articles and magazines. We pair the experience we have gained from the past 15 years of adventure with a passion for photography to deliver images unlike any other. 

As our business and reputation have grown in the greater Lexington area, so has our team. We have had the pleasure and luxury of being extremely selective in who we add to our Gettinger Photography family. This has allowed us to add photographers that are not just talented, but share the same passion for people and heart for customer service that we do. They each go through a vigorous training process to make sure they are fully integrated into the process of how we care for our customers and our product. 

We all believe that a photograph can evoke an emotional response in the viewer, and it takes an artist with the right tools and experience to consistently craft an image that leaves an impact.  Photography improves our lives whether it kick starts your company's marketing, helps sell a home, or captures your family in whatever season you are walking through. Let us share our passion with you.

We specialize in portrait photography, real-estate photography, head shots & marketing. We love it so much that we teach classes so other people can learn to love it too.

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